"I would like to express my appreciation to JB HVAC for the outstanding job in converting my home from a 25 year old forced air oil furnace with 50 year old ducts to a modern geothermal heat pump. This was no easy task and I will explain below:

My old system consisted of an inefficient oil furnace in my basement with a 25 year old central air compressor outside. The original duct work was installed 50 years ago. It was not insulated or sealed and had but one return for the entire house. My wife's allergies would act up whenever the system kicked on. We had rooms which would be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

I called around to a number of geothermal heat pump companies as I wanted a system that would ultimately save me money as my electric & fuel oil bills were skyrocketing higher each year. I ended up with three estimates which varied tremendously. Of the three contractors, JB HVAC was the only one who came into my home measured the area of each floor, counted the windows and then completed a Manual J analysis which is the only approved method of sizing a heating and cooling system to a house. As a result, I was assured I would not be over sizing the system to the home which would not only be a waste of money on the system, but would result in a system that would not effectively remove the humidity from the air. JB HVAC's price was also the lowest in comparison to the other two.

One very important thing which JB HVAC recognized was the inefficient return system with the return air duct directly behind my front door. As a result, whenever the system was operating, dirt and dust from us walking in & out was sucked right into the system. JB HVAC has the best metal fabricator I have ever met in my life. As a result, I no longer have a return duct behind my front door. Instead, I have a return air system which no longer sucks in the dirt and dust by the front door. Instead of one air return, I have a return on each and every floor located so the rooms located furthest away are now properly ventilated.

JB HVAC installed a special air filter system that is much more effective then the electrostatic Honeywell system I used to have. They also installed a state of the art thermostat that not only controls every aspect of the system, but it also displays the relative humidity in the house as well as the temperature outside. The most important aspect of their installation was their use of top grade insulated flexible air ducts and their sealing of every connection which will prevent condensation problems as well as allowing conditioned air to hear and cool the rooms and not the air space in the ceiling.

The bottom line is the new system I had installed is saving me a lot of money in the summer on air condition costs. I used to cool the house only 10 degrees from the outside temperature which was expensive. This past summer, I kept the house at 72 degrees and noticed my electric bill was $20 a month!

I have no problem in recommending anyone to JB HVAC. Each an every employee from the office manager to the installation crew is a trained professional who impressed me just as much as Mr. Jim Burke. The installation of a geothermal heat pump is not cheap, but if you get JB HVAC, you can be assured you have a system that is properly sized, professionally installed, and trouble free."